Quantum Source – High Park Building

The essence of the work:

Air conditioning and ventilation works for the company Quantum Sources, 2nd floor in the Hi Park Nes Ziona building.

The building provides cold water infrastructure, a fresh air shaft for connection and additional shafts for the passage of Lithuanian channels and a suction blower.

There are 2 office areas with ducted Nachshon blower units and optical laboratories with heaters that are located on the roof of the building and merge with the help of insulated ducts and introduce filtered air into the laboratories with the help of FFU units.

System description:

Air vents located in the roof, are compatible with clean rooms (laboratories)

A piece of Nachshon blowers made by “Electra” with insulated ducts

3 Inventor overhead air conditioners for electrical and communication rooms (condensers on the roof)

Suction blower from laboratories

Smoke evacuation blowers

Fresh air shafts which connect with the help of channels in the public area to a multi-story fresh air shaft.

Building control system to operate the system

An electrical panel in the roof to feed the equipment on the roof (jets and suction blower.)

Hitats has 3 levels of filtration and merges the laboratories with the help of insulated ducts that go down to the floor and connect to the FFU as well as to the tables in the center of the rooms.

Suction blowers

On the roof of the building is installed a blower manufactured by Metal Peres CFM 700 320 pascal

An air suction blower from the laboratories with the help of ducts up to the office floor.

Smoke suction blowers

2 CFM 6000 axial smoke blowers are installed on the floor

Nachshon blowers

Nachshon blowers made by “Electra” in different capacities with heating elements.

Split air conditioners

For 3 electrical and communication rooms, split air conditioners are installed on top to back up the Nachshon blowers.

Detector room installed mini central unit 70 INV EMD for cooler only.

Electrical panels

An essential household electrical panel with a controller installed on the roof of the building that feeds the pumps and suction blowers from laboratories.