Skalar air conditioning Systems ltd

building, design and maintenance of air conditioning systems for buildings and industry

We specialize in building, design and maintenance of central water, cooling/heating systems, chillers, complex DX systems, cooling towers, VRF systems, ventilation, smoke evacuation and more.

Endless experience

Over 1000 projects in water, cooling/heating systems, chillers, complex DX systems, cooling towers, VRF systems, parking lot ventilation and more

Construction and supervision

classified Contractors Registrations Level 5 (unlimited in the Registrar of Contractors for Large and Complex Government Works)

Customer Adaptation

Projects according to the plans of the costumer specification, Advanced air conditioning systems, ventilation, heating and cooling, including expertise in servicing and maintaining buildings and systems

Diversity of sectors

A nationwide deployment system and a unique operating model that enables us to provide an available and high-quality response to our variety of customers.

Practical Engineers, Engineers and Technicians
20 +
Years of experience
20 +
Satisfied projects and customers
990 +

Our Credo

Skalar was founded out of a vision that serves as our guiding light to this day, and leads us on the way to realizing new goals: To be the leading and highest quality company in Israel for the execution of complex air conditioning systems projects. To be a growing market leader, to maintain real and long-term relationships with our partners, employees, customers and suppliers. In order to realize this vision, we make sure to adhere to each of our values: reliable service, meeting goals in the best possible way, excellence, innovation and bringing added value, partnership and development of our people.

Mr. Yossi Grinfeld, Eng | Founder & CEO

BSc mechanical engineer graduated from the Faculty of Engineering in Tel Aviv, specializing in air conditioning flow and heat transfer.
In the past, he worked as an air conditioning planner and has over 30 years of experience in planning, construction and service for all types of systems in which the company has specialized.

Green Trend

The company has specialized in all areas of energy saving, from selecting and selling new equipment, adapting old equipment to modern control systems for savings while implementing control and control systems for maximum optimization and providing Cost-effective all-in-one air conditioning solution


Skalar Systems has established its position as a leading company in Israel in the field of contracting as well as in the service and maintenance of buildings and hvac systems. In the past, it operated for years as a contracting company for electromechanical systems in Eastern European countries, mainly in the Czech Republic and Romania

Quality & Standard

The company operates under the ISO 9001-2000 standard and is certified by the Standards Institute of Israel. The company works under all 1001 standards in fruitful cooperation with the Standards Institute, performs all the necessary inspections and delivers facilities to the Standards Institution of Israel

Among Our Clients

Over 30 years of experience

A wide range of projects, from military bases, classified security enterprises, municipalities, hospitals, shopping malls, private enterprises, event/sports halls, museums, office buildings and more

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