Pango Offices – BSR Petah Tikva Building

On an area of about 1200 square meters, Pango’s offices were located on the 17th floor of the Y B.S.R. City Petah Tikva building. The building has infrastructure for merging as follows:

-Going out for fresh air

-Exit to water pipes

Exit to release smoke, ventilate cafeterias and ventilate toilets.


As part of the project, the contractor must:

-Supply and installation of EWSQ unit for air conditioning

– Insulated cold water piping on its accessories including reference to existing infrastructure

-Supply and return ducts, return air boxes, fresh air ducts including connecting to existing infrastructure

-Acoustic boiler in all canals

-Diffusers, return air shutters, air quantity regulators


-Electricity and drainage connection

-Ducts and shutters for smoke release, cafeteria ventilation and toilet ventilation.

-Tin wrappers for pipes, painting the wrappers, ducts and units.